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Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul
Samuel Ullman

Our task on earth is to transform. We are in the midst of an evolutionary shift. Just as a caterpillar becomes increasingly dysfunctional just before it transforms into a butterfly, we feel out of alignment with what seemed to ensure our survival before.

Bottle 55

It may help to be reminded that we have an inner purpose and an outer purpose: our outer purpose is to create form and to experience the interaction between the forms; our inner purpose is to become conscious of consciousness itself. To align our outer purpose – going about our daily tasks - with our inner purpose - awakening and staying awake, is the essence of red. Especially Bottle 55, The Christ, clear/red, could help us find the balance between being bound to the material world and ‘becoming so heavenly, you end up being of no earthly use.’ Vicky Wall, Aura- Soma, Self-Discovery through Colour.

There are three ways in which we can align ourselves with the creative power of the universe, three ways in which consciousness can flow through us into the world to ground our awakening: acceptance (blue), enjoyment (yellow) and enthusiasm (red). With acceptance - the peace that stems from surrendered action - enjoyment becomes a possibility. When there is a deep enjoyment in what you do and you combine it with a purpose or a vision, it turns into enthusiasm.

The moment we invest more in the outcome than in the enthusiasm of what we are doing, we become stressed, frustrated and angry. There are thirteen bottles in Aura-Soma with red as one of the fractions. The substance in any of these bottles could support us to find the balance between the intense activity of enthusiasm and the force and strain that wanting creates.

Enthusiasm wants nothing because it lacks nothing; our vision allows us to see the love in everything and how much we are loved. It supports us to accept ourselves for who we are, is based on the inclusion of others and creates win-win situations. The intense yet enlightened activity of enthusiasm suggests consciousness (light) brought to physicality (red) turning it pink.

There are twenty-one bottles with pink as one of the fractions. Applying the substance in any of these bottles could help us to accept our own vulnerability and allow ourselves to receive, whilst offering tenderness and compassion to others. We are able to bring appreciation, inspiration, spontaneity and fun into any situation; fun is true responsiveness and allows us to lighten up.

Bottle 21

Equilibrium Bottle 21, green/pink, is called New Beginning for Love and reminds us that pink can express itself only through the green of the heart. The new beginning we are all experiencing is born of love. The pink teaches that our liberation is awakening to loving kindness: ‘to find the space (green) within our heart, to allow the love to harmonise and balance our being’. Mike Booth

Let the love take you all the way home.

written by Marelna Du Plessis