ASIACT Archive of Astrology - December 2006

Blue on Blue

Let the clouds of emotion pass and do not disturb the Centre for behold I am with you always. I am the breath of life breathed through you.

Mike Booth

By becoming conscious we are fulfilling our destiny as human beings. It seems that there are mainly three ways in which consciousness can flow through us into our world of form: acceptance (blue), enjoyment (yellow) and enthusiasm (red).

To become more accepting you need to be willing to do whatever may be required at that moment: performing any action in a state of acceptance means that you are at peace whilst doing it. You may not enjoy washing the dishes and you do not have to be enthusiastic about it: yet through fully accepting the task you infuse it with a new vibration, with peace.

When we choose any one of the twenty Equilibrium bottles with blue as either of the fractions we are choosing to support our new awareness of peace. We have probably decided that we need to befriend this world of duality into which we have incarnated; we no longer need to be polarised by conflict or opposition. By accepting 'what is' we see that other people have equal rights: tranquillity replaces disturbing emotions.

Above all we are becoming a natural authority on who we truly are and ready to take responsibility for our own consciousness. Within our own framework we are not rule bound. We are learning how to deal with each situation with a flexible approach that allows us to choose the most resourceful way to be within that situation.

The blue supports us to take responsibility for creating our own reality, responding to the world based on the outcomes we want rather than on whatever rules we were taught. We accept that we (and others) are kind and selfish, sensitive and tough, strong and gentle, open and guarded. The key note for Bottle 50, pale blue/pale blue, called El Morya is 'I will that Thy Will be done through me'. Becoming more flexible emotionally we are able to stay present and flow more easily with what we are experiencing: we become more attuned to our inner voice, our higher self.

The greatest evils are from within us; and from ourselves also we must look for the greatest good.

Jeremy Taylor

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