ASIACT Archive of Astrology - November 2006

Being Curious

When you once see something as false
which you have accepted as true,
as natural, as human,
then you can never go back to it.

Adapted from J. Krishnamurti

Turquoise is concerned with awakening our inner teacher and our sources of inspiration; it is about becoming conscious and committing ourselves to our essence, relinquishing the forms, structures and attachments that prevent us from becoming who we truly are.

Your process of individuation, of getting to know your core being, is hampered by holding fast to what is familiar: you block your own path on the inward journey by choosing to resist, by hanging on to the unresolved residue of the past.

The way to overcome resistance is to become the curious observer, to watch yourself without judgement or comment: curiosity is the antidote to resistance. Know that you cannot resist the evolution of self when you are curious and watching. As you hold still the possibility arises that you may expand your awareness until you eventually feel a sense of connection with the entire universe. You get in touch with the collective voice within yourself and you are able to express your own creative potential without fear. It does take practice and willpower to become the witness however - the habit of resisting is a deeply ingrained automatic response.

Turquoise is a tertiary colour made up of primary blue and secondary green. As green is a combination of blue and yellow, it follows that turquoise is in actual fact blue with a touch of yellow.

Using any of the thirteen (the number of change) Equilibrium bottles with turquoise as one of the fractions can help us to communicate (blue) our heartfelt feelings (green) without fear (yellow). We may become more attuned to our inner guide recognising the calm and peace that we feel each time we hear its voice. The keynote for Bottle 43, turquoise/turquoise, called Creativity: I am in the flow. I let go of everything that restricts my awareness of the flow of life.

It seems that the only way to live a life of happiness and inner peace is to cultivate the ability to trust 'what is'. You may want to change the way things are: the secret is not to be attached to the outcome. The curious observer within you may prefer the outcome he wants but when he is confronted with a different result he remains as happy and peaceful as he was to begin with: his happiness comes from within. Practise every day allowing your observer to be your inner guide and your teacher.

The paler the colour in an Equilibrium bottle, the more light (consciousness) has been added which intensifies the message it bears. The substance in Bottle 62, pale turquoise/pale turquoise, Maha Cochan (meaning 'inner teacher') may inspire us to embrace our pain and confusion knowing that it may motivate us to contact the centre of our being and so to discover the infinite capabilities of our intuition and inner guidance. We may learn to observe, to trust ourselves more and perhaps to simply flow with the moment.

All rivers run to the sea, each drop becomes the stream.

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written by Marelna Du Plessis