ASIACT Archive of Astrology - August 2006

Mellow Yellow

'It is only when we become peaceful with ourselves that we have the possibility for self-awareness rather than self-consciousness.'

Mike Booth
An Introduction To The Master Sequence.

Life seems to be a continual rebirthing of the self: every breath we take represents a new moment of being and becoming. At times this can be very confusing as we get to a point where we don't know who we are any more. The moment we let go of any expectation of who we ought to be, when we are able to fully accept that we do not need to know who we are, clarity dawns and an inner peace takes hold. We are then probably closer to who we truly are than we thought we could ever be.

Equilibrium Bottle 42, a beautiful all yellow bottle called 'Harvest', could be regarded as a tool for opening to new possibilities regarding self-awareness, joy, happiness and intellectual clarity: the understanding of self. The affirmation for Bottle 42 reads: I have joy in the knowledge that I have been given. I feel a lightness of being.

True happiness becomes a real possibility. Facing up to reality is always empowering: not identifying with your unhappiness, by merely facing up to the fact that there is some unhappiness in you, enables you to move forward. Bring awareness to the fact that what you are thinking may be creating the emotions you are feeling: rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.

Happiness is elusive; freedom from unhappiness is most certainly attainable by facing and accepting what is. 'What is the difference between confusion and clarity? The difference in the way the breath moves in the body.' Mike Booth. Follow the passage of your breath as it undulates through your body, get in touch with your natural state of well-being and inner peace, the source of true happiness. Yellow is the possibility of joy that exists in each moment.

The message of Bottle 70, yellow/clear, Vision of Splendour, encourages us to realise the light in the depth of the self. The affirmation for this bottle is: I open myself to joy and I see the light beginning to shine in me.

The yellow contains the opportunity to enter the gold within us: a deeper version of Bottle 70 is Bottle 73, gold/clear, Chang Tsu. The message of this bottle is: 'Happy is the man that can laugh at himself for he will never cease to be amused.'

Humour arises from the abundance of goodwill: one need not be defensive about human frailties and foibles once they are recognised, accepted and owned. In subtle ways a sense of humour facilitates the expression of an inner truth and reveals an inner strength that allows for the recognition of one's innate radiance.

Laughter is therapeutic and it also increases human bonding, compassion and mutuality. As you relax into the eternal process of rebirthing you are able to celebrate bringing heaven to earth, to let your sun shine and to let your true colours show.

'Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit.'

E.E. Cummings

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written by Marelna Du Plessis