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Breaking Free

`The eldest Oyster winked his eye,
And shook his heavy head-
Meaning to say he did not choose
To leave the oyster bed.
` Lewis Carroll

It is through re-membering that you learn from your past. And yet the past can become a prison when you continuously revive old emotions and your identity becomes enmeshed in who you think you are. You then limit yourself through holding on to grievances, regret and guilt.

Should you choose to break free, you need to refrain from thinking incessantly about the past and to constantly return your attention to the perfect, timeless present. Your limitless presence rather than your thoughts and emotions then become your identity. This is the essence of the orange in Aura-Soma.

Orange is a secondary colour made up of red (energy and concentration) and yellow (the individual will and joy). There are four bottles with orange as one of the fractions: each one of these may help you to let go of the past and to dedicate yourself to live life to the full by being present in every moment. Equilibrium bottle 26, orange/orange, Humpty Dumpty or The Shock Bottle (by far the most popular bottle in Aura-Soma), is invaluable to anyone who has been or is being buffeted by the storms of life: its use is restorative and liberating.  

Every time you are crushed or traumatised is a place in time where you create fractured pieces in your mind. In the workshop of your life you tend to recreate these tests over and over again so that you become able to make the insights to bring all the broken pieces back together again.

Space is created whenever there is a complete inner acceptance of the present moment. When you are willing to have the courage to consciously feel and then accept any painful feelings you are experiencing in the moment, you create the space for these feelings to gradually dissipate.

Bottle 72, blue/orange, The Clown (Pagliacci), shakes up as violet (healing) flecked with gold (wisdom) and supports the process of implementing this new attitude toward emotional pain.

With persistence you may be able to use your energy to transcend the intellectual constructs you have put in place to sustain your world as you know it. You may get in touch with your innocence (inner sense) and your responsiveness: you may be able to move into difficult situations and use emotional pain as your teacher - it will be a kind teacher if you do not resist it.

By understanding that the emotion is not who you are, your identification with your emotional pain ceases and your transmutation begins. Equilibrium bottle 79, orange/violet, The Ostrich Bottle, may help you access this deep insight from your belly (it shakes up as deep orange). The knowing prevents your old emotion from taking over not only your internal dialogue, but also your actions as well as your interactions with others. This bottle may help you reclaim your enthusiasm to be part of activities that enrich your life and the lives of those you feel connected to.

The message of Bottle 82 is that as you dance the fire you are transformed and transported; your love becomes more unconditional and you experience inner joy. Things happen effortlessly, by synchronicity, and individual will merges with divine will.

`Insight revealed as we make space for ourselves. The revelation of the deepest joy coming from the heart.` Keynote, Bott

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written by Marelna Du Plessis