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Giving Forth

The most fundamental question of your life is: Who am I?

‘….the I am which is not possessible, which is not ownable….’

Mike Booth

An introduction to the Master Sequence

Knowing about you is not knowing you. Knowing about you is knowing the content of your mind and your mind is conditioned by the past; it identifies with your history, your social status, your health, your relationships, your work, your beliefs and your emotional state. Who you truly are is your inner space, your consciousness, that part of you that allows the content to be what it is.

Coral is a tertiary colour combining primary red (awakening) and secondary orange (bliss). Knowing your essence, when you let go of defining yourself in terms of what you call your life, you awaken to your bliss. Realising who you truly are allows you to show your true colours, it allows your inner rainbow, your true potential to shine forth in the manifested world.

There are five equilibrium bottles with coral as one of the fractions: each of these bottles could support the process of accessing your inner wisdom to accept and love yourself. Equilibrium bottle 5, Sunrise/Sunset, yellow/red was the first bottle in Aura-Soma and is about letting go of the dark story and opening to the joy of life.

When you know yourself only through content you think you know what is good or bad for you and repress those parts of you that do not fit in with your belief system. Thinking isolates a feeling or an event and calls it good or bad as if it had a separate existence; we forget that everything is interconnected and precisely as it must be.

Not judging, not blaming, accepting what is at hand, changes your relationship to the present moment and to your self.

The substances in Equilibrium bottles 87, Love Wisdom, pale coral/pale coral, and 105, Archangel Azreal, iridescent coral/coral, are there to support your process of gently bringing to light those hidden selves whose strategies are often ineffective and destructive to your deeper self. You are then empowered to consciously choose your attitude toward your experiences and toward who you are.

The affirmation of Equilibrium bottle 87 is: I say goodbye and let go of the past. I am grateful to the present and I feel the warmth and caring within and around.

Your relationship to the present moment determines your relationship to life: if you are forever trying to get elsewhere, frustration and stress will be your bedfellows, feeling justified to hold onto grievances will keep you stuck in the past. The present moment is all you ever have; in it is to be found the quality of your life.

If the thought of lack, be it money, acknowledgement or love, has become part of who you think you are, you will experience lack. You are a part of this abundant universe and outflow determines inflow. Whatever you think people are withholding from you - loving care, appreciation, gratitude, forgiveness – give it to yourself and to them. Abundance comes only to those who have it: your inner states manifest as your reality.

‘You see the world that you have made, but you do not see yourself as the image maker’

Lesson 23, A Course in Miracles

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written by Marelna Du Plessis