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‘Grace is uncontaminated conscious light. Grace is the tranquilliser of the soul.’

Gary Zukav

The Seat Of The Soul

Awakening is recognising yourself as the awareness behind your thinking; awareness is your conscious connection with the Divine. The purpose of your thinking being is to prioritise and live in the material world; your awareness on the other hand is your presence. When you make a conscious choice to be present rather than indulging in continuous thinking you create space for grace.

An awareness of grace itself is what brings it about. When you trust the unfolding process of life, when you have appreciation and gratitude for how it is, your every day is filled with good timing, opportunity and ease.

Magenta is a combination of secondary violet (healing or becoming whole) and primary red (grounding awakening). In Aura-Soma there are nine bottles with magenta and eight with deep magenta as one of the fractions. Deep magenta is found only as a base fraction and reflects your ability to be a medium through which love from above can come into the world.

Equilibrium bottle 103 opalescent blue/deep magenta is called the Archangel Haniel or ‘the glory of the grace of God’. Haniel symbolises grace: the power to make fruitful that which was previously not so. We simultaneously create and ground grace by paying attention to the details, to the little things in life. ‘If we are able to put our care and attention upon inanimate objects, extend care to plants and animals, then we may also be able to care more for our fellow human beings.’ Mike Booth

Whenever you choose a bottle with a magenta fraction you become a vehicle for grace, for the miraculous love from above. Equilibrium bottle 67, magenta/magenta is called Divine Love, Love in the Little Things. The main theme of this bottle is spirituality in action: in performing your service to the world with care and becoming conscious of manifesting your best quality in every moment, you are awakened to your true essence. It is not what you do but how you do it: reminiscent of the monk who sweeps the floor for thirty years and experiences an enlightenment as he realises that it is the quality of his sweeping that matters rather than the fact that he sweeps.

Grace is without ego, without judgement. Should you allow the universe to be part of your process, should you prefer to be part of the solution you become a channel for grace. When you choose grace instead of grievance, you become an emissary of transformation and healing.

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written by Marelna Du Plessis