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Inner Sense

‘Go where the spirit takes you and know yourself above the earth in touch with infinity and yet on earth.’

Vicky Wall

Aura-Soma Self-Discovery through color

Violet is a secondary colour made up of primary blue and primary red and carries some of the messages of both. One interpretation could be that we need to deal with our survival issues (red) in such a way that we radiate an inner peace (blue).

In your search for fulfilling your life’s purpose you may need to remind yourself that you have an inner and an outer purpose. Your outer purpose is to interact with the world of form, to live in the material world. Your inner purpose is to awaken, to become conscious of the formless, timeless being within: the consciousness behind your thinking. True success is finding and living your inner purpose; this is the foundation for realising your outer purpose.

Aligning your outer personality with your inner being and finding the peace that this may bring is the essence of violet.

There are 22 bottles with violet as one of the fractions. Equilibrium Bottle 22 is yellow/pink and shakes up as a beautiful pale gold. It is called Awakening or The Rebirth Bottle. Yellow is opposite violet on the colour rose as developed by Aura-Soma and relates to the solar plexus (see the Archives for August). This substance may help you to recognise and ignite your divine spark. Using this bottle may remind you that your inner essence is not attached to external forms, it welcomes change, it is irrepressible, spontaneous and urges you away from lethargy toward enlightenment and transformation – without fear (yellow) of the future.

Equilibrium Bottle 16, violet/violet is called The Violet Robe and supports the process of spiritual surrender. This substance is helpful when unexpected events awaken us to a reality unimaginable. Vicky Wall, the founder of Aura-Soma calls this bottle ‘A silent supply of guardian angels’. Using a bottle with violet as one of the fractions will support you to let go of the tensions that accompany your outworn habit patterns and to find an inner peace that comes with an acceptance of what is.

The purpose of humanity is to awaken. Your inner purpose connects you to the greater purpose. An acceptance of being part of the greater purpose means that you are at peace with what happens or with what needs to be done. Acceptance in this sense is not a passive state. The consciousness that fuels this kind of acceptance, transforms it into creative action: it brings something completely new into the world.

Being actively peaceful invariably brings joy into your daily activities. You will not have to wait for something meaningful to come into your life to enjoy what you are doing. And positive change on the outer level is much more likely to occur if you can enjoy what you are already doing.

Enjoyment instead of wanting could become the motivating power behind your actions.

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written by Marelna Du Plessis