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Paying Attention

Royal blue in an Aura-Soma sense is to transcend duality, move into the beyond and find the still point at the centre of your being.

The way to achieve this is to be present: by paying attention to your own body and its natural rhythms, you come into harmony with your inner wisdom, you inner gold. (Gold is actually opposite royal blue on the colour rose.) You commit to being mindful, without preconceived ideas, of what your senses convey to you from moment to moment. Your body remembers the truth of who you are.

‘Becoming mindful of your physicality is a prerequisite of developing your quality of consciousness.’

Mike Booth
teaching a course called ‘Listening to the Star Within’.

You are then able to experience the shift from one opposite to the other and to contain, within consciousness, an active understanding of your own process. At a practical level this means befriending the conflicting parts of yourself.

In fact, Equilibrium bottle 0, the first bottle in Aura-Soma, is royal blue/deep magenta and is called Spiritual Rescue:

’ bringing clarity to seeing and feeling in physical life.’

Mike Booth
Aura-Soma Handbook

Very often we try to escape the present to avoid feeling our own pain. The truth is that by being present you are able to face your pain and move through it; the power of presence can in time dissolve the past and its pain: the reality dissolves the illusions. As you drop into your feeling being, the true gold of your wisdom arises and with it the possibility of a deep inner peace and clarity.

There are six bottles with royal blue as one of the fractions Equilibrium bottle 32, Sophia, the goddess of wisdom, is royal blue/ gold. Applying the contents of this bottle could be supportive of your journey toward bringing the wisdom from your unconscious into your conscious mind. In this journey there is nothing to fear except fear itself and Sophia is particularly helpful to let go of your fear and to open up to your inner wisdom. (See also Archangeloi Uriel for this month as this spray relates to Bottle 97, gold/royal blue with the same name.)

Bottle 96 is called the Archangel Raphael and has royal blue as both fractions. Using this bottle, or using the room spray with the same name, brings you closer to an inner peace, a peace so deep that goes beyond intellectual understanding. It may help you to find an inner stillness and supports the practice of meditation and visualisation.

In the Northern hemisphere the nights are long and darkness reigns this time of year, but wherever you find yourself pay attention to your dreams: they are a direct line into your unconscious. Share your dreams with a friend or a lover or simply allow yourself feel what they mean to you. Remember, knowledge you acquire, wisdom you have.

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written by Marelna Du Plessis