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Into the Blue

‘We have climbed the stairs and find ourselves now at the throat chakra, to which the beautiful heavenly blue over blue, the Peace bottle, is allied (B2).’

Vicky Wall
Aura-Soma Self-Discovery through color

Inherent in life on this planet is duality. The commitment you make when you take your first breath or give your first cry, your first attempt at communication, is a commitment to integrate the conflicting parts of yourself in order to acquire a heightened state of consciousness and therefore of an inner peace.

In truth, our relationships provide the greatest opportunities to integrate the opposite parts of ourselves. In a way there is no problem that is not a relationship problem: your willingness and commitment to enjoy, learn and grow from your relationships is a commitment to fulfil your incarnational contract.

Commitment means to give yourself fully in every way you know how: the more you give, the more you receive. Alas, should you not value yourself, commitment becomes an arduous task as you do not deem yourself worthy of that kind of continuous receiving. You sentence yourself to play roles, perform duties and adhere to rules and often doing the right things for the wrong reasons. Commitment is doing the right things for the right reasons.

Every relationship is a dialogue. When you communicate your truth with awareness and without holding anything back, your words and actions will reflect a natural authority and yet the sincere pursuit of your caring and your nurturing.

There are twenty Equilibrium Bottles with blue as either of the fractions. Bottle 20, blue over pink is called The Star Child, a bottle that epitomises the blue process: ‘the communication of unconditional love, peace in the conscious mind, self-acceptance within the depths of the self.’ Equilibrium Keynotes, Mike Booth.

As you synthesise the contradictory parts of yourself, you are able to communicate with clarity, to absorb more than usual and to assimilate knowledge naturally within your being. You will probably experience a sense of courage and well-being. As long as you stay grounded and remain respectful of the energy and its universal source, you will increase your ability to create peace within and without.

At this point you are, in fact, nurturing yourself and naturally become available to a greater Will. You are able to go beyond the point of paradox towards a greater understanding. Through faith, through experience you can move to even more letting go and arrive at a more intense level of acceptance which may manifest as Thy Will be done.

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written by Marelna Du Plessis