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Heart to heart

If the yellow is about our separateness (see archives for August), the green is about our connectedness, our connectedness to others and our connectedness to nature.

Before you are able to deeply connect with others, you have to become clear about your own space, which means that it is vital that you define your own boundary. You find your boundary when you are pushed to your farthest limit, when you are able to say NO without a charge and without breaking contact. You cannot say YES wholeheartedly unless you can also say NO. When you are able to say either YES or NO, you bring the whole of yourself into a relationship. When this happens, you are able to communicate your own truth and create the space for others to do the same. It allows you to honour yourself as a separate individual, expand your horizon to follow your own path and truly open your heart.

If you, on the other hand, refuse to expand your boundary out of a need for control and security, you could lose a sense of greater vision and adventure.

To give oneself has no meaning unless one possesses oneself. You can give only what you have. Albert Camus

In Aura-Soma there are eighteen bottles with green in one of the fractions. Green is a secondary colour made up of primaries blue and yellow and there are three blue and yellow bottles that shake up as green.

Any of these bottles could support you to find the courage to discover your own direction and to find ‘a sense of spaciousness and awareness that enables us to expand our view to the perspective of others, to see that which we had not previously been able to see from our own perspective’. The New Aura-Soma Tarot, Hilarion, Bottle 53, Pale Green/Pale Green.

Green also reminds us of our connectedness with Mother Earth and Equilibrium Bottle 10 (Green/Green), is called ‘Go Hug A Tree’. We reach up to heaven to recharge and down to earth to de-charge. Long, long ago we understood ourselves to be separate entities, yet linked to all nature; perhaps verbal language emerged only when man had lost a portion of his love for Mother Earth and no longer understood that nature’s voice was also his voice. Nature implores us to remember that there is a universal order and that we need to remain in harmony with this order.

We find harmony and balance when we realise that everything needs to be considered in terms of its relation to others, that there are cords that draw the human race together and that each of us is connected to the all.

‘Green is nature’s space giver in which a soul may stretch, the polariser and centraliser of the being, bringing awareness of the true need and thereby giving the capacity of decision with action.’

Vicky Wall

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