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Autumn is upon us, reminding us that all life is cyclical: everything is born, lives and decays. The green leaves yellow into olive, drop from the trees only to sprout again in spring – a universal transformation process. All matter has the ability to change form, to become something else. In every process of death, there is simultaneously a rebirth; this is the natural way, the feminine way.

The feminine within you encourages you to be practical and to be grounded in your body, to have a focus without being too attached to the outcome; it is the way of having faith and hope and trusting the process of life, it is about living life to the full.

This is the essence of olive.

Olive is made up of primary yellow and secondary green: it creates the bridge between the yellow of the solar plexus (see the Archives August) and the emerald green of the heart. Within the yellow we celebrate our separateness, the green reminds us of our interconnectedness with our earth (heart).

When you raise your consciousness, when you become mindful of your own unique process of unfolding, in that moment you begin your process of individuation: to move toward becoming all you can be; in a way, you have to let go of the person you thought you were. You often have to be prepared to re-evaluate your deeply held beliefs in the light of your current experience and understanding. You have to hold your old fears, your old outworn habit patterns (yellow) up to the light (consciousness) and transform them.

There are five equilibrium bottles that contain olive, which could support your process of re-assessing the foundations upon which your life has been built,

‘of having hope, not as anticipation, but in the sense of a positive attitude towards that which will come to be’

Mike Booth

New Equilibrium Keynotes, Bottle 91

These bottles could help you to let go of any bitterness from the past and to thus find an inner peace, an important step in finding your purpose in the world.

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written by Marelna Du Plessis