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Yellow is the possibility of joy that can exist in each moment.

In the latest keynotes B42, a beautiful all yellow bottle, named ‘Harvest’ is described as a tool for opening to new possibilities regarding self-consciousness, joy, happiness and intellectual clarity: the understanding of self.

There is a moment in every life when the human ego recognises itself, when the infant merged with the mother, begins to realise itself as a separate entity. This may be a shocking discovery, but there is also a measure of wonder and joy when you understand: I am! The bright, yellow light radiating from the solar plexus reflects this magical mind power.

The consciousness of a separate self brings with it a responsibility to discriminate, to make choices. Responsibility as a word could be read as ‘the ability to respond’ (to not react). You need to place yourself in the present moment to respond appropriately, to make choices congruent with your immediate reality and with your higher purpose on earth. In this moment the energy flows freely through your centre and yet you are an intermediary between that which is above and that which is below.

When your choices are motivated by fear, by the ordering ego, your solar plexus, the yellow area will contract and the feeling of discomfort permeates through your whole being, a state which excludes happiness and a free flow of energy, spontaneity and creativity.

Any of the Equilibrium bottles with a yellow fraction may therefore support you to gently suspend your judgements, to change any of your habit patterns based on fear, or on the worry of over thinking and the resulting confusion. You will take courage and radiate more self-confidence and a new leadership may emerge from getting in touch with your passion. To be centred in your fire as it radiates from your solar plexus is a victory!

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written by Marelna Du Plessis