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July, the golden month

During this time of year (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), the days are long and sun-filled. The golden sun illuminates the world, it brings us warmth, fills us with joy and dispels the dark – it brings light to every issue of existence.

Gold, in an Aura-Soma sense, dispels the dark of our confusion, helps us to find what is true and brings messages of wisdom (a knowing borne out of experience) and of deep joy. To find our inner gold we need to go on a journey towards awareness, to get to know and value ourselves for who we really are: one way of doing this is to address our irrational fears and self-doubts. To acknowledge and name our fears means that we could assimilate and integrate parts of ourselves that we perhaps never knew about.

The road to authentic and lasting self-acceptance may be a hard and rocky one. There are a few ways in which we could support the process of accessing our inner wisdom and of assimilating the fragmented and disconnected parts of ourselves.

Applying the contents of a chosen Equilibrium Bottle with gold as one of the fractions could help to restore balance to the energetic body and support our process toward realising our own inner worth. The messages of the gold colour vibrations are absorbed by the skin and carried to the appropriate organs and endocrine glands from where it has a ‘making whole’ effect on the subtle bodies and on the whole being. The body is a wise, self-healing mechanism and takes only what it needs.

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written by Marelna Du Plessis