Journey into the Chakras - the energy centres of our physicality as reflected in the landscape temple

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To be held on Shire Farm, the 500 acre biodynamic farm owned and cared for by Aura-Soma Products Limited.

This will be a meditative process as we work not only with the chakras in the landscape but also our own chakras and our inner landscape.

The earth offers a great opportunity for consciousness growth upon her surface. We can also support her in her consciousness journey by bringing awareness to each step as we ‘walk in beauty’ upon the earth. At this critical time in humanity’s history and the earth’s destiny, we have a wonderful opportunity to support her through her evolution as we bring the best of what we have to offer to each moment of the journey through the chakra system on Shire Farm. The being of the earth in Shire Farm is stirring and revealing herself to us. As we acknowledge her presence, with gratitude and appreciation for what she offers, we help her and ourselves in our linked destinies to bring about a greater consciousness individually and collectively.

The earth is changing her face at this point in time and she needs to know that we care for her and assist her in this process. It is a process of reciprocal maintenance where we are able to give to the earth rather than taking from her.

We are truly blessed to have such a beautiful farm on which to journey together. Traversing the length of the farm in a meditative journey to the star in the landscape and also through each of the 7 major energy centres, gives us the opportunity for a more intimate connection to our own energy system and the three stars of the subtle anatomy that are also an intimate part of who we are.