Personal Presentation Skills (PPS)

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Would you like to attract more clients, plan and deliver short talks to others, stay calm and centred under pressure?
Are you looking to deepen your level of understanding of the Aura-Soma system to offer your client the best possible consultation you can give them?
These are just some of the qualities covered in the 3 day Personal Presentation Skills course.

The Personal Presentation Skills course has been developed to help students to integrate the information they have previously received on the Aura-Soma colour system Level 2 course, to hone their consultation skills so that they can offer the best possible level of consultation to their client, to be able to offer short talks on the Aura-Soma system to small groups and to help them to present a professional image. A happy client equals a successful practice.

During the 3 day course we will look at:

Our own personal skills/gifts
Consultation Skills
Centring skills
Organisational skills
Consultation records

The PPS course is a pre-requisite to Practitioner Registration for new students who wish to offer consultations to the public.