List of Teachers in Israel

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Teaching Level 3

Renanit Hila Feldman
Jerusalem St 102/5
Rishon Le Zion 75504

Tel: 972-3-9584022
Tel: 972-52-2-723-492 Mobile



Skills & Interests: Aura soma and kabala teacher, mystical journeys, a spiritual teacher, healer, lecturer, mystics researcher. soul alchemy, anthroposophist. offering different course levels of both A.S and KABALA

Teaching Level 3

Shulamit Ronen
Mordechai St. 38
Kiriat Tivon

Tel: +972 (0)4 983 7640
Tel: 972-52-3371070


Webpage: -

Skills & Interests: Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cranio sacral therapy, massage, spiritual psychotherapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy, reflexology, flower essence special education and counselling, holistic pulsing.

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