Practising Opportunities at Each Level


From Aura-Soma's earliest days there has been much enthusiasm from the students to share the Aura-Soma Colour System with others through Consultations.

Consequently the Academy has developed a Code of Practise which all students should follow.

  Level 1 Foundation
Once the Level 1 Foundation course has been completed the student may begin sharing consultations with family and friends to gain practise and experience. The student may also support Aura-Soma stands at exhibitions provided the stand is run by a Registered Practitioner or Colour Care Consultant and provided that the Level 1 Foundation student does not give Consultations. At this level, the student may not give Consultations to the public, charge a fee for consultations or describe themselves as a Registered Aura-Soma Practitioner.
  Level 2 Intermediate and Personal Presentation Skills
Once the Level 2 Intermediate course and the *Personal Presentation Skills course has been completed, the student may choose to become an Aura-Soma Registered Practitioner by joining the Worldwide Register of Aura-Soma Colour System Practitioners. Following receipt of the Registration Agreement, the Academy will provide the student with a Practising Certificate which will need to be displayed when offering consultations to the public and at exhibitions. A current Registered Practising Certificate is required in order to continue to describe themselves as an Aura-Soma Practitioner. The Academy notes however that Level 2 Practitioners are still near to the beginning of the training and consequently suggests that they develop their practice with the public in a gradual way. * (Personal Presentation Skills course is only applicable for new students from January 01 2009)
  Level 3 Advanced
Once the Level 3 Advanced course has been completed the student that holds a current Practising Certificate Level 3 may work increasingly with the public, their practice benefitting from their growing Consultation experience, skills and knowledge.
  Level 4
Level 4 students with their demonstrated experience of working with the Aura-Soma Colour System and their understanding of the principles of Aura-Soma and the wider field of colour may register as an Aura-Soma Colour Care Consultant and develop a full public practice.
Each stage of the training is designed to build upon the information and skills acquired in the previous course. In this way the student who becomes a Registered Practitioner has an increasingly valuable reservoir of experience to offer in a Consultation as they progress through the training to become a Colour Care Consultant.