Level 2 Intermediate


  1. Prerequisites


The pre-requisite for attending the Level 2 Intermediate Course is completion of the Level 1 Foundation Course. There needs to be a time period of three months from Level 1 completion date prior to attending the Level 2 Intermediate Course in order to assimilate the information learned.



2. Aims


The primary aim of the Level 2 Intermediate course is to make connections between the Aura-Soma Colour System and other wisdom traditions showing the value of recognising colours' influence on consciousness. Through these connections many new perspectives become available that may enrich the sharing in the Consultation. As this course explores so many connections the following list of course contents represents some of the subjects from which each course will be drawn. Some of these subjects are core and will be taught by every teacher, whilst others are optional and will be selected according to the needs of the group. All subjects are however covered in the course materials.



3. Content


The Language and Energy of Colour *
Practise in the different levels of a Consultation *
Colour Breathing *
The Three Primaries *
The Three Tendencies *
The Three Dosha, Ayurveda
Consultation Skills *
Relaxation, Centring and Meditation *
Gems and Crystals *
Astrology *
Numerology *
Cultural Experiences
Colour and the Environment
  Items marked with * are core units and will be covered by every teacher



4. The Academy Recognition


At the end of the Level 2 Intermediate course, each student receives a further Certificate of Attendance which recognises the students' completion of this level of the training.

For students who commenced their Aura-Soma training prior to 01 January 2009, on completion of the Level 2 Intermediate course, students can register as an Aura-Soma Practitioner which enables them to offer Aura-Soma Consultations to the public and describe themselves as an Aura-Soma Practitioner Level 2. The Practising Certificate will be valid for up to two years from the date of issue whereupon it may be renewed. See the sections Renewal Process and Practising Certificates for further information. For students who commenced their training from 01 January 2009, the Personal Presentation Skills Course will need to be completed prior to Practitioner Registration.